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Sungshin Women's University was founded by Dr. Lee Sook-chong as an outgrowth of its predecessor, Sungshin Girl's School, which was established on April 28th, 1936.

When Dr. Lee founded Sungshin Institute, Korea was ruled by the Japanese who tried as hard as they could to destroy our culture and national spirit. Dr. Lee decided to found an educational institute based on the belief that only education would lead Koreans to national independence. Dr. Lee invested all of her capital with the purpose of restoring our national spirit and culture.

Sungshin Girl's School was first opened with 60 students in the Catholic Memorial Building in Kyungwoon-dong, Seoul. As more students enrolled and more facilities were needed, the school moved to its present site, Donam-dong, Sungbuk-gu.

The school was reorganized as a girl's school of Home Management. In November 1945, just after the liberation of the nation, the school was renamed as Sungshin Girl's Middle School. Sungshin Women's Junior College was established in January 1936, with four departments, the Department of Home Management, the Department of Business Administration, the department of Crafts, and the Department of Textile and Clothing. Dr. Lee Sook-chong was appointed as the first president of the College. In January, 1965, Sungshin Women's Junior College was promoted to the status of a four-year college, and renamed Sungshin Women's Teachers College, comprised of and renamed Sungshin Women's Teachers College, comprised of four departments: the Department of Home Management Education, the Department of Art Education, the Department of Elementary Education, and the Department of Foreign Language Education.

Sungshin Elementary School, Sungshin Girl's Middle School, and Sungshin Girl's High School were established in 1965, 1967 and 1969, respectively. In the meantime, new departments are added to the college. The Graduate School was established in 1972. In 1979, the status of the college was changed from that of a teachers' college to that of a liberal arts and sciences college, in lined with the long-term development plans of Sungshin Institute. From that time Sungshin Women's College has pursued college education and been regarded as one of the progressive colleges. In December,1979, the Graduate School of industries Studies was established.

The Sungshin Institute has continuously developed toward its educational objectives, and It has tried to create a better educational environment and to furnish better facilities. In July, 1981, it was promoted to the rank of university. The Graduate School of Education was established in December, 1983.

Sungshin Women's University has pursued better college education and promoted the quality of education. Many of the private educational institutes have their own traditions and characteristics, but very few of them have a total-educational system, comprised of a preschool, an elementary school, a junior-high school, a high school, and a college, as the Sungshin Institute does. Therefore, Sungshin Institute, which was established without any foreign support, has been an exemplary successful model for other private educational institutes.

As of 1995, Sungshin Institute consists of Sungshin Preschool, Sungshin Elementary School, Sungshin Girls' Middle School, Sungshin Girls' High School and Sungshin Women's University. Currently the University is composed of 7 colleges offering 35 major courses, and 5 graduate schools. About 13,000 students are currently enrolled while 680 staff and faculty members are serving at the University.