[Briefing] Mini but Memorable Library Tour

첨부파일이(가) 없습니다.

In March of this year, Sungshin Central Library’s renewed program, “Mini Tour” has gathered ardent interest among the freshmen. As freshmen didn’t have a chance to attend school, this event seemed to be much more attractive to students. The annual Library Mini Tour was canceled last year due to COVID-19. Likewise, with this continued situation, this year seemed to be no exception. In an effort to accommodate the maximum number of visitors, an effort was made by the library team to reduce the number of visitors from up to three per tour.

When the applicants gather at the appointed place after applying on the website, the library staff will guide them to every corner of the library. From entering the gate, finding and returning books, to reserving seats by a mobile application, the participants will learn useful user tips and will experience diverse facilities. It only takes about 30 to 40 minutes and students can even receive S+ Mileage points after filling in a satisfaction survey.

The participants fully expressed huge satisfaction toward this program. One Soojung(a nickname for students of Sungshin) who got involved in the tour said “I have little experience of looking around the library except for watching videos. I browsed the library in person and it exceeded my expectations, and my interest for school grew much larger.” And another Soojung added “I don’t have any face-to-face lectures, so I didn’t know about library well. But by this tour, I learned about library facilities and now I am well informed of how to use the library.” 

For those who missed the chance of applying for the Mini Tour, it is not too late. The Central Library always finds ways to meet with students. According to an officer of the Academic Information team, Do Jin-guk, “The school is considering planning additional tours for more freshmen and sophomores who couldn’t come to school, so please check the website frequently.”

It is forecasted that this year will be hard as last year to spend quality time together with schoolmates in campus. However, the MINI TOUR will be a delightful memory and it is anticipated that the students will treasure this memorable trip.

Information provided by Do Jinguk, an officer of the Academic Information team

By Shin Yura Cub Reporter

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