[Briefing] Variety and Benefits at a Mini Festival

첨부파일이(가) 없습니다.

From May 20th to 21st, for two days, the Mini Festival took place at Woonjung Green Campus with concepts of ‘Spring’, ‘Green’, ‘Sungshin’. The Emergency Committee of the General Student Council organized the whole events, for the promotion of the Woonjung Green Campus. In particular, this year’s event was to energize the students depressed by the pandemic situation, to build up fond memories and to spend memorable times through the festival.

For the students’ direct involvement and publicity of the Woonjung Green Campus, the festival was held offline under the strict observation of COVID-19 safety guidelines. In the course of planning the events, the Student Council made the healthcare protocol of pandemic prevention, and limited the number of participants. Body temperature checkups and hand sanitization were provided in accordance with the guidelines. 

The site of the festival featured a number of booths. Students were provided with four photo spots with different themes, including a picnic-themed spot with Sooryong(Sungshin’s mascot) doll and tent, a party-themed spot decorated with glitter and balloons, and a mysterious spot decorated with clouds and lights. Furthermore, a full-length mirror was arranged with markers so that students could freely draw and customize their own photo zone. Whenever students took photos in each spot, a different stamp was given. Ones who collected the entire stamps could take additional polaroid pictures as a small prize. At a booth named ‘Slow Letter’, event participants could send letters to their future selves. Through this program, they could refresh themselves for the days ahead. Additionally, the Student Council held group shopping events with CJ Cheiljedang, a food manufacturing company, which allowed students to buy home meal replacement for cheaper prices. Students who live alone near the campus benefited greatly from this one-time event. Right around the corner, one more benefit was waiting; participants had an employment consultation with actual employees of CJ Cheiljedang. It made the festival not only enjoyable but also worthwhile for students. On the last day, the school band NAD and Thirsty Soul presented a live concert. Massive interest was shown in the festival and immediately upon release, pre-applications were filled to capacity. The performance at the midnight of spring with a cool breeze was enough to make fellow students relaxed and quench the thirst of cultural life. 

Baek Ji Yoon(Food Science & Biotechnology, Class of 21), as a Soojung who relished the festivities, expressed satisfaction. “Being restricted to COVID-19 was devastating. But the time I spent today at the Woonjung Green Campus festival was invaluable. I could do two things at once, meeting my schoolmates and crisscrossing the campus. The photo booths and employment consultation session were also beneficial.”

A great deal of popularity accompanied the festival, which had nearly 500 participants. According to the General Student Council, they are also preparing for the Daedong Festival. In the wake of enthusiastic response to the Mini Festival, much more beneficial and attractive events are expected in the upcoming school festival in November.

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