[Briefing] An Evening of Warm Solidarity Presented by Major and Career Concert

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On 21st and 22nd August, the Major and Career Concert was held online under the auspices of Student Council of the College of Social Science ‘Aide’. The Major and Career Concert is an event that allows current students to share their experiences about majors that are available to their peers. The concert targets incoming freshmen of Sunshin. With the advantage of school promotion, Soojungs (nickname of Sungshin students) could band together by participating as mentors and planning group of the program preparation at the same time.

From a month before the event date, the Student Council ‘Aide’ recruited a planning group and divided into an executive team, a design team and a video production team so that the work could be systemically well-managed. Starting from contacting the high schools, mentor recruitment, merchandise designing, production of promotion videos, all steps were passed through the hands of the Soojungs from the College of Social Science. To reach perfection and quality presentation, the mentors and teams of planning groups repeated countless rehearsals and preparation.

The mentoring was held twice a day, thus mentees had an option to select which session to take. Beginning with a simple opening ceremony, participants were assigned to different groups and mentoring sessions depending on the majors which students were interested in. Without mundane or easily accessible information, mentoring contained present students’ frank stories about curriculums, ambience with the fellow students, club activities, and career after graduation. Also, mentors did not forget to promote Sungshin University. They introduced the school with witty quizzes so that high schoolers could get to know about Sungshin in a more entertaining way. In addition, participants could freely ask varied questions and hear detailed answers asking on major studies and overall life as an undergraduate at a Q&A session after each mentoring and entire event.

The atmosphere of the concert was remarkably fervent, with the participants’ enthusiastic questions and mentors’ heartful answers. At the end of the event, mentees announced their contentment and left gratefulness on the online chatting board. The mentees said it was worthwhile time for them to decide their major and gained useful information for the university. Feeling the warm solidarity of Sungshin University, their wish to enter Sungshin University grew up. The result of the survey proved this satisfaction very well. About 95% of the participants answered that they are looking forward to another event prepared by the College of Social Science from Sungshin University.

Kwon Sohee, a mentor from the Department of Social Welfare, shared that “The experience of the Major and Career Concert gave personal growth as well as cheerful energy from the nascent students who hope to enroll in Sungshin University. While preparing for the concert, I learned more about my own school and built affections and bonds.” She added “It is too bad that the mentees couldn’t visit and stroll around the campus as the pandemic situation continues. I really hope to participate in a similar mentoring event next year, but to be on real campus!”

Lastly, Park Seohee, a director of the planning team and a vice student president of the College of Social Science, also stated her impression. “The Major and Career Concert is the initial event that the Student Council hold in Sungshin. Thus, there were trials and errors in the course of process. Nevertheless, we received explosive reactions from mentees and mentors, and the event was successfully ended. I hope this event would be the basis of another event afterward. I hope the Major and Career Concert would be the helpful sources when the next Student Council challenges for the new event.”

The Major and Career Concert was a unique and uncommon major program that the Student Council hosted. Showing constant and warm bond between Soojungs, they welcomed the aspirants who are wishing to enter Sungshin University and encouraged their dream. Not only for participants, but also for undergraduate Soojungs, the concert’s experience gave a tenderness, fellowship and pride to be members of Sungshin University.


By Shin Yura Reporter

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