[Focus] An Interview With an Alumna Yeon Sang- Eun, Who Is Full of Passion and Ardor.

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  There is a famous quote by the renowned author Mike Litman, "The fastest way to pass your own expectations is to add passion to your labor." In the 242nd issue, The Sungshin Mirror features one passionate graduate who could be described with this quotation. Sports announcer Yeon Sang-eun graduated from the Department of Korean Language and Literature. Upon graduation, she achieved her dream of working as a freelancer announcer in the baseball field. 

 What could be clearly observed during the whole interview was her enthusiastic glittering eyes. She explained herself as a type of person who is like a worker ant. She put a great deal of effort into her self-development during her college years and confesses that those days had made her what she is today. Even now, she keeps challenging herself by actively approaching other several fields such as teaching and writing. Today, as an alumna of Sungshin University, she conveys the encouraging and supportive messages to Soojung through this interview. Let's hear her sincere advice.

(1) Glad to meet you today. Could you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello, I am Yeon Sang-eun, who is currently working as a freelancer announcer in the baseball field. Also, I am teaching some students in an academy, and sometimes work as a private Chinese tutor since I double-majored in the department of Chinese Language and Literature.

(2) I heard that you wanted to become an announcer since you were young. What made you choose to be an announcer in the sports field?

I thought my characteristics would be suitable for a sports announcer. I am a positive, people-person who likes to meet new people, and doesn't hesitate to talk with them. It is deeply significant, because this occupation usually faces unfamiliar circumstances and meet various people. Also, I prefer going out to the fields rather than sitting in the studio for a long time. And more importantly, I love watching baseball games.

(3) How did you prepare to be an announcer?

 First of all, I watched baseball games too frequently. Though my parents were worried about my binge-watching, that became one of my assets once I achieved my dream. It is virtually essential to know the games in-depth for sports announcers, since they usually interview the players. In order to deliver touching interviews to audiences, interviewers also need to be immersed in the games. 

 That was not all, I was part of the first class to attend the SSJS (Sungshin Journalism School.) Taking classes in there, I studied common knowledge of current affairs and discussed with friends as a group. My group consisted of four members. A friend who aspired to be a producer, and another friend craved to be a writer. The remaining two, including me, longed to be announcers. Since we gathered from different majors, we could deeply study diverse fields. 

(4) How does 'Sungshin university' remain in your memory?

For me, it is a school where students who do well by themselves congregated. I was affected by my fellows who were absorbed in their own learning processes. They were always diligent so that they were never late or absent for the classes. Just like them, I never missed any classes. Before the exam period, I stayed up all night searching for materials in the library with my schoolmates, and those moments are what I remember when I recall my university life. The preparedness I built during that time made me what I am today.

Last year, I visited Sungshin University to give a special lecture for those who want to be journalists. After that, some Soojung came to the academy to take lessons from me. I feel like I naturally have more affection and attention for them, since they are the students of the school I graduated from.

(5) You recently started writing essays as a writer on the website 'Brunch.' If you could publish a book, what would be the topic of it?

I want to compose stories based on the experiences I had on the baseball fields. Sometimes, events that happened in the fields gave me a lot of lessons. So, I thought relating baseball games to my life story would be a great idea. Actually, I am already publishing stories serially with the topic 'My life, Baseball Trade' on 'Brunch.' Still, publishing a book officially is my ultimate goal.

(6) You must love reading and writing as a graduate from the Department of Korean Language and Literature. Do you have any recommendations on books for the Sungshin students?

I would like to recommend 'Sentences of Youth' by Kim Yeon-su. The book is packed with sentences that touched my heart. I usually write down my favorite phrases in my notes, and I wrote almost whole paragraphs from this book. It sincerely talks about love, dream and the life the writer lived. 

(7) Do you have any last words for the juniors?

Probably many Soojung are putting constant exertions on their works now. Though it does not show flashes of brilliance in a moment, those efforts would definitely shine one day.  In my case, that moment flew to me. So, I hope for others not to be dismayed just because they cannot see the road ahead for now. Lastly, I wish for juniors to struggle and challenge themselves more so that they can shine at Sungshin University in the best way.


 Through this interview, the efforts she put in, and, at the same time, the dreams she is currently achieving could be discovered. I hope that the passion she exudes were delivered to the readers in this article. Additionally, though she suggested she was lucky, it is certain that she could grab the opportunities that came her way because she was always geared up. Therefore, become a prepared person for your success for all the world to see. The Sungshin Mirror will keep striving to convey the inspirational messages from the esteemed alumni, especially for those who are heading to the new directions in life.

By Yoon So Yeon Cub Reporter (soyeon5680@naver.com)

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