[Student Essay] A New Way of Learning

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“Surprise! I guess you didn’t see me coming.”, said Coronavirus. Yes. We never imagined our lives to be put into lockdown because of an infectious disease. It was as if a ghost just appeared out of nowhere. Concerts, malls, and amusement parks, which have once been packed with people, became empty as soon as the virus began to spread, and people were forced to alter their daily lifestyles. Our lives have been changed and we never know when it can get back to normal. As some people may complain about this, we should all take a look on the things Covid19 has taught us. 

A lot has changed in the last several months. With the virus popping up here and there, students have been practicing a new way of learning; remote learning. Remote learning is where the student and the educator are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment but are able to learn through technology and assignments. By using the high technology programs we have today, students are able to connect with their teachers and classmates and continue to learn. However, staying at home without interacting with these people in person, made us realize that school is not just about learning. It is the overall experience we go through with our classmates, as we are attending school. 

Imagine the old days when we would get up and ride the bus to school. On the way, maybe even stop by a Starbucks to grab a coffee or so. These small little pleasures we took for granted, have never been so missed. Although we never know when the whole student body will be back on campus, one thing we learned for sure is that, it is difficult to be motivated for your online lectures. This is because we don’t have anyone around us and you as an individual, is responsible to manage your time well for these classes. We’ve always been used to having our classmates around us. Sometimes we were even annoyed that they were! But being a part of a group and seeing other students study the same subject is important, as it acts like a fuel to push you to learn new things.  

Another thing we learned from COVID19 is the importance of balancing time between schoolwork and your daily pleasures. This is something many college students had trouble with in the beginning of the pandemic. The freedom of being able to listen to your online lectures whenever you have time is great, because we are able to do other activities. But, if you prioritize hobbies like watching movies or baking, you will most likely fall behind classes with a bunch of late assignments. There is a reason why each class has a syllabus and it is important to make sure you have a balanced schedule that includes both schoolwork and daily life activities that bring you joy. 

The last and the most important thing we all learned from the lockdown is that we should all have a backup plan in life. With the pandemic causing many companies to either size down or have certain fields close for good, many dreams of young adults have been crashed. Future plans to go study abroad or work in the tourist industry as of now, have been canceled. The ribbon people have been running to has been cut right in front of their eyes. This is why we should always have a second plan; in case a turn of unexpected events happens. 

Just January, we had plans to overcome or challenge ourselves for the new year of 2020. Many of them have been postponed until the virus is over. However, we shouldn’t be upset. Life has its twists and turns. And being human beings, our bodies naturally learn how to adapt our lives to whatever nature gives us. It is our innate talent. Having a backup plan helps us to mentally prepare ourselves for the worse. Compared with those who don’t have a backup plan, those who are prepared are less likely to have a mental breakdown. This is why it is so important to have other ideas for your future.

The unexpected COVID19 has had its ups and downs. The unfortunate fact is that over a million people have died and more there have been more than 45 million cases of Coronavirus. Many families have been affected and our lives have been changed. Regardless of the many negative results it has brought us, we have learned many important life lessons that can help us shape the future generations. Through the new way of learning, having a worldwide pandemic take over, we realize that as young adults, education is not something that is to be done as an individual. It is important to have our peers and classmates around us for motivation. Also, having a balanced schedule that includes both schoolwork and daily pleasures help us to live a life that brings us happiness. Lastly, having a backup plan for your life isn’t a bad idea. By having an alternate plan to what you want to do in the future, helps you to be more prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to give you. 


2020 English Essay Contest Winner 

By Cho Sumi Department of English Language and Literature (schoo2710@gmail.com)

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